Dental Emergencies

in Maitland, FL

Children are always on the go, which puts them at risk of dental emergencies. Knowing what to do in these situations can make the difference between saving and losing a tooth. Dr. Aloise and our dedicated team at Maitland Pediatric Dentistry are here to help you navigate any dental emergencies and ensure your child is cared for at the highest level.

A smiling little girl holds a tooth in her hand, showing her relief after a dental emergency.

What Is a Pediatric Dental Emergency?

Pediatric dental emergencies are situations requiring immediate care to alleviate pain, save a tooth, treat an infection, or care for an injury. Here are examples of the most common dental emergencies:

Abscess: An abscess is an infection that can develop in or around a tooth root. Without prompt treatment, the infection can spread, causing pain and complications. If you notice a pimple-like bump on your child’s gums, contact our office immediately!

Pain: Rinse the area with water and floss around the painful tooth to see if there’s any food trapped that’s causing the pain. Make sure to contact our office to schedule an emergency appointment.

Knocked-Out Baby Tooth: We never attempt to reimplant knocked-out baby teeth to prevent damage to the developing permanent teeth. However, it’s important to have your child evaluated to avoid potential complications.

Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth: Pick up the tooth by its crown and rinse it if it’s dirty. Return the tooth back into the socket, if possible, and place gentle pressure to keep it in place. If that’s not an option, put the tooth in some milk, not water, and bring it to your child’s emergency appointment. This is a time-sensitive dental emergency - the sooner your child gets treatment, the better the chances of saving the tooth.

Dislodged Tooth: If your child’s tooth moves out of place due to an injury or trauma, contact us for an appointment. We will determine the best course of action based on the extent of damage and whether the affected tooth is a baby or an adult one.

Chipped or Broken Tooth: Rinse with water and apply cold compresses to reduce discomfort. If there are broken pieces of the tooth, place them in some milk and bring them to your child’s appointment.

Soft Tissue Injury: If your child has an injury to the lips, tongue, or cheeks, apply pressure to stop bleeding and contact us for an appointment. If, however, there is uncontrolled bleeding, head to your nearest hospital emergency room.

We offer same-day appointments at Maitland Pediatric Dentistry, so if your child is dealing with a dental emergency, call us at 407-398-0510 right away. We will evaluate the situation and provide the needed urgent care as soon as possible.

Dental problems don't always happen during office hours. Call our dental office for guidance if a dental emergency occurs in the evening or on weekends. We will evaluate your child's emergency and offer guidance on what to do next.

Note: If your child experiences a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately or head to the nearest emergency room. Losing consciousness, extensive bleeding, or difficulty breathing are situations that need immediate care.

Being proactive can help prevent dental emergencies before they ever happen. Here are some ways you can safeguard your child’s smile:

● Sports Mouthguard: If your child plays contact sports, we recommend wearing a sports mouthguard to lower the risk of dental injuries.
● Regular Exams and Cleanings: Taking your child to regular dental check-ups is key to the prevention and early detection of dental problems. That allows for prompt treatment, preventing a minor issue from progressing and requiring emergency care.
● Good Oral Hygiene: Teach your child the importance of brushing and flossing every day. A clean mouth is a healthy mouth!

How We Help Your Child Relax During Treatment

We strive to ensure every visit is a calm, relaxed, and happy experience.
Here's what sets Maitland Pediatric Dentistry apart:

We're a Friendly,
Kid-Centered Team

Dr. Aloise and our team members love kids and work hard to make your child's time memorable and free of stress.

We Speak Your
Child's Language

We use kid-friendly language, turning toothbrushes into "Mr. Bumpy" and the dental drill into a sensational "water gun."

We Offer Happy Air for Calm Treatments

We offer nitrous oxide, or "happy air," if needed, to help your child feel calm and relaxed while getting outstanding dental care.

Your Child can Watch TV During Treatment

Your child will enjoy watching a favorite TV show while getting the best possible dental care!

We Have Treasure
Box Rewards

Your child will love our treasure box rewards - every visit ends on a delightful note!

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Dental Emergencies Near Me in Maitland, FL

At Maitland Pediatric Dentistry, we understand how frightening dental emergencies can be. We strive to help you and your child feel safe and comfortable while delivering the highest quality urgent care. If your child experiences a dental emergency, contact us at 407-398-0510 for immediate care!